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Crypto Mining Facilities Partnership with SDI Architecture

May 2022 / from Commercial Construction and Renovation

SDI Architecture, a Boston-based international architectural and interior design firm that develops distinct, custom designs, centered upon the user’s experience, announced today, its partnership with Encon EPM, LLC to build facilities specifically to house electric and computer power for cryptocurrency mining.

In order to meet this increasing demand for immense amounts of power needed for crypto mining, SDI and Encon EPM will work together as “The Crypto Facility Design Group” to offer the services and expertise needed to develop high-functioning crypto mining centers.  The team will offer fast-tracked construction and design schedules, various industry-specific team coordination and specialized project permit pre-approvals and will include all architecture, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection planning aspects.

Building a facility specific to the needs of crypto mining is still relatively new to the architecture and engineering industry and takes specific knowledge and heavy coordination between all trades in order to build one that can successfully deliver the power needed for mining. The Crypto Facility Design Group will create solutions that will be efficient in layout, fitting in as many mining machines as possible and keeping the runs for power and cooling to a minimum.


“Crypto mining is very popular right now and continues to grow as an income stream at an extraordinary pace and the need for data centers is overwhelming,” said Ben Williams, Principal, SDI Architecture. “With our design expertise and the engineering background of Encon in the building of mission-critical data centers, telecommunication, and broadcast communication, our group will be able to offer currency miners rapid and complete options for these centers.”


The centers require a hefty power source close by and affordable space that can be zoned for such a project. The combination of the need for space at a low price, appropriately zoned, combined with the high power needs takes an in-depth knowledge of the construction, conservation, scope of work and code compliance.


“The demand for crypto mining facilities has exploded,” said John Carlo Saber, president of Encon EPM. “With that comes two key challenges: the need for timely engineering design and construction, and the acquisition of the required electrical power at favorable utility rates.  As part of several experienced crypto teams, Encon can move from concept to profitable crypto facility with unprecedented speed.”



SDI Architecture is an international architectural and interior design firm that is disrupting the design industry through a collaborative design process that engages the client and consultants in developing distinct, custom designs, centered upon the user’s experience. SDI Architecture creates distinct designs that capture the client’s identity through the visual and physical experience of the built environment. We achieve this by working hand-in-hand with clients to understand their mission, culture, audiences and goals. We then use that knowledge to design a customized space that addresses their needs. For businesses, that includes maximizing productivity, efficiency, and employee satisfaction and health.


SDI Architecture is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts with design offices in India and the U.S. For more information on SDI Architecture please visit




Encon EPM, LLC is an innovative engineering design firm that offers experience, curiosity, and creativity combined with the talent and proven performance to deliver integrated engineering, construction, and management solutions for businesses and governments throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Since John Carlo Saber founded Encon in 1995, the company has handled more than four thousand projects totaling over $5 billion in construction. Projects have included design and construction of new facilities, renovation and rehabilitation of existing facilities, performing planning and feasibility studies, and construction services, including design/build services. Encon’s engineering, planning, and construction management services focus on mission critical, telecommunications, and broadcast communications clients. We understand our clients’ needs for rapid response, unyielding deadlines, and fast-track design and construction schedules.


Encon EPM, LLC is headquartered in the Washington, DC area. For more information on Encon, please visit

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